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This is where we will meet for Sunday School & Bible Studies throughout the week. The only exception is Paradigm which will be a alive stream.

Student Ministries


Our Wednesday night worship opportunity. We incorporate a element of fun, an element of worship, and an element of Biblical teaching into every mid week gathering. Worship is led by our Student Praise Band each week.

Each Wednesday night from 6-7:30pm


Our Sunday night Bible Study. This study is designed to be a more in depth study to guide students into a deeper understanding of God's Word. Sunday nights from 6-7pm

Other Events/Activities

We have various events and activities throughout the year. Some events are designed to build and grow relationships within the youth group: bowling, paintball, lock in, amazing race. We also have events that are developing relationships with our community. We call this Kindness Outreach. It is our way of showing God's love in practical ways. We most importantly have specific events that are primarily designed for developing a deeper relationship with God. DiscipleNow and Summer Camp are two of our biggest and most impactful events every year.