Sunday School Classes Resume Sunday, Sept 13

All Sunday School Classes will resume Sunday, September 13 at 9:30am. Some classes have been moved due to building repairs and precautions being taken in relation to COVID. Please check with your Sunday School Teacher to confirm where your class will be meeting. Deacons will also be stationed throughout the building Sunday Morning to help everyone find their class.

Sunday Morning Bible Classes

We have classes for all ages. Starting with Bed Babies to Senior Adults.

This is a great time to meet in small groups and study the Bible together.

We currently have Children's classes that are age groups, such as 2-3 year olds, 4-5 years old, Kindergarten, 1st-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grade, 5th grade and 6th grade. All of these classes are located in the Main Building- at the back of the building.

Preschool Sunday School Click here for Zoom Link

1st & 2nd Grade Click here for Zoom Link

The Student Ministry includes 7th-College age classes, they meet in the Family Life Center, upstairs.

Meeting Sunday Mornings 9:00am Click here for ZOOM Link

Our Adult Classes include:

Me & My House Ministries- which meet upstairs in the Main Building, this is our younger couples and singles in their 20-30s. The teacher is Ben Banks.

Meeting Wednesdays  Click here for Zoom Link

Adult 2- meets in the Family Life Center in the Reception Hall, this class is a mixed class of Adults couples and singles, all ages. The Teacher is Robert Burtnett.

Meeting Sunday Mornings 9:00am Click here for ZOOM Link

Adult 3- meets in the Main Build in the Choir Suite, this class is a mixed age group and is taught by our Music Minister, JB Perry.

Meeting Sunday  Click here for WEBEX Link

Adult 4- They meet in the Family Life Center on the main hallway. The Co-Ed class is an older group mostly retired or near retirement age adults. They are active group who does an prayer meeting/fellowship in homes of members, once a month. The teacher of the class is Clarence Culwell.

Meeting Sunday Mornings  Click here for WEBEX Link

Adult 5- Meets in the Main building near the Sanctuary, this class is senior ladies.

The teacher is Connie Owensby.

Adult 6- This class is made up of all ages. They meet in the Sanctuary. The teacher is Robert Owensby, who is our Minister of Mission.

Co-Ed Disciples Class- Meets in the Family Life Center (in the room nearest the glass double doors)  This is a mixed group and the Teacher is Dennis Hamblin.

Current Bible Study

Explore the Bible

Adult 2 and 4  use this curriculum. This is a book by book study for all ages.

Bible Study for Life

This curriculum is used by our Children's Department, Adult 1, Adult 3, Adult 5 Ladies, and Adult 6.

This is a broad study plan based on Themes. Relatable, age based.

The Gospel Project

This curriculum is a study of the Bible, book by book. Christ Centered, Chronological Bible  Study for all ages.

It is used by our Kindergarten Class, Student Ministry, and The Co-Ed Disciples.