Sunday School Classes

All Sunday School Classes are meeting in person at 9:30am each Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Bible Classes

This is a great time to meet in small groups and study the Bible together.

Preschool Sunday School: birth up through kindergarten

1st - 6th Grade 

The Student Ministry includes 7th-College age classes, they meet in the Family Life Center, upstairs.

Our Adult Classes include:

Me & My House Ministries- which meet upstairs in the Main Building, this is our younger couples and singles in their 20-30s. The teacher is Ben Banks.

Adult 2 (mixed age group of co-ed group)- Meets in the Family Life Center  Reception Hall. Teacher is Robert Burtnett.

Adult 3 (Mixed age Co-Ed group)- Meets in the Sanctuary. Teacher is JB Perry.

Ladies Bible Study (Mixed age group of ladies only) - Meets in the Family Life Center. 

Adult 4 (Co-Ed group of Retired and nearing Retirement age group)- Meets in the Family Life Center. They are an active group who does a prayer meeting/fellowship in homes of members, once a month. The teacher of the class is Clarence Culwell.

Adult 5 (Senior adult ladies only)-  Meets in the Main building

Adult 6- Meets in the Choir Room in Main Building. Teacher is Ken Jensen.

Co-Ed Disciples Class (mixed age group) - Meets in the Family Life Center. Teacher is Dennis Hamblin.

Current Bible Study

Explore the Bible

Adult 2 and 4  use this curriculum. This is a book by book study for all ages.

Bible Study for Life

This curriculum is used by our Children's Department, Adult 1, Adult 3, Adult 5 Ladies, and Adult 6.

This is a broad study plan based on Themes. Relatable, age based.

The Gospel Project

This curriculum is a study of the Bible, book by book. Christ Centered, Chronological Bible  Study for all ages.

It is used by our Kindergarten Class, Student Ministry, and The Co-Ed Disciples.