Morning Bible studies

Me & My House Ministries- which meet upstairs in the Main Building, this is our younger couples and singles in their 20-30s. The teacher is Ben Banks.

Adult 2- meets in the Family Life Center in the Reception Hall, this class is a mixed class of Adults couples and singles, all ages. The Teacher is Robert Burtnett

Adult 3- meets in the Sanctuary, this class is a mixed age group and is taught by our Music Minister, JB Perry.

Ladies Bible Study - This class meets in the Family Life Center.

Adult 4- They meet in the Family Life Center on the main hallway. The Co-Ed class is an older group mostly retired or near retirement age adults. They are active group who does an prayer meeting/fellowship in homes of members, once a month. The teacher of the class is Clarence Culwell. 

Adult 6- This class is made up of all ages. They meet in the Choir Room in Main Building. The teacher is Ken Jensen..

Co-Ed Disciples Class- Meets in the Family Life Center.  This is a mixed group and the Teacher is Dennis Hamblin.

Weekly Bible Studies

  • Ladies Bible Study

    The Gospel of John

    Tuesday nights at 6:00pm in Family Life Center

    Contact Brenda Miller

  • Mens Bible Study

    1-2 Timothy

    Tuesday Evenings at 6:30pm in Family Life Center

    Led by Associate Minister, John Miller,